MONOMER CASTING : Cast Nylon/ PA6 (Polymide 6) It is high molecular thermo-plastic material which is produced by the active anionic polymerization of lactams. In the pressure less casting process, the monomerous melt is poured into moulds and controlled by chemical reactions ,is polymerized directly into semi finished products or shaped cast pieces. The monomer casting process constitutes a considerable improvement in casting technology .It is particularly significant in terms of the material’s performance. ELECTRO cast nylon is a solid, low stress homogeneous thermoplastic material ,the properties are accentuated by means of modification of crystallinity and is typically light –beige in colour. In addition, special settings and additives render this material suitable for different mechanical applications. We are able to produce Nylon -6 in following configurations:

  • Sheets:-Of size 1 meter/1 meter and thickness varying from 10mm to 150 mm.
  • Tubes:- We are capable of making Nylon-6 Tubes of diameter up to 450 mm outer diameter and inner diameter as required.
  • Rods:- We can produce Nylon-6 Rods up to the diameter 700mm and length upto 500 mm/1000 mm.
  • Components:- We can also produce components as per given drawings provided quantities are adequate in numbers i.e. up to 1000 no.

We can produce different grades with specific quality i.e .heat resistant, abrasion resistant etc. We also produce them in different colors as required by the customers Details of grades produced are as follows:
PA-6(MC102) : Quality semi Finished type product for engineering plastic with resistance to wear & tear and absorption, friction and corrosion etc. Low Pv limit.:
OILMAID(MC-301) : Low friction nylon. Suitable for business application, evenly dispersed oil based lubricant helps elimination of outside lubrication completely .Suitable for bush material.
MC-901 H.S.BLUE : Heat stabilized at high temperature .Stabilized cast nylon-6 added for elevated impact strength. Due to mechanical properties of this grade.