Description :

It provides mobility to bullet proof vehicles in case of bullet hits on tyre or in case of flat tyre in combat situation.

Technical specification :

In case of two bullet hits on any two diagonally fitted tyres ,the system allows vehicle to move out, of danger area and affords capability to move max 50 km as per laid down speeds in ‘Finable Standard’. It comes into play only on the tyre being hit by a bullet or in case of a flat tyre. We can design a system as per vehicle requirement.

Application :

Used mainly on bullet proof vehicles of Defense ,Paramilitary & police forces as also VVIP bullet proof vehicles. It is also useful for normal vehicles with critical roles like TV transmitter equipment vans, ambulances or vehicles carrying critical equipment: We have solutions from 12” (car tyre) up to 22.5 “size wheel rims (truck tyres) in operation.