Technical Specifications :

The material ensures that a fuel tank containing any type of auto fuel will not explode or fuel will not burn violently in case of accident or accidental fire. It ensure that even in case of high impact crash diesel fuel tank which often explodes, will not explode due to presence of this material in the form of balls made from a special metal film. The material is perpetual in nature and provides protection against explosion & violent fire. However fuel which spills out from the tank does not have this protection. The tank need to be filled completely by this material and it takes only 1.7% volume of the tank due to the nature of the film. Even shooting of fuel tank will not result into an explosion, if this material is used in the fuel tank.

Application :

Highly useful for bullet proof vehicle’s fuel tanks or tanks of VVVIP or sensitive vehicles or for police vehicles involved in internal security duty as these vehicles can’t be set on fire by putting a flame to fuel tank by rioting mob.