To increase the range of its defense specification fabrics M/S BVM International has established contacts with world renowned manufacturers of Kevlar cloth of different varieties and has different varieties in it’s stock.

The company has also stocks of ‘Spectra’ and ‘Spectra Shield’ used for similar applications as Kevlar.


Kevlar yarn is a proprietary item of M/S EID Du Pont, USA. It is a silky soft man made fiber, ‘Kevlar’ is stronger than steel, combining great strength with great lightness, Kevlar performance technology can be used in a wide variety of application from tyres to protection gloves, fiber optics to aircraft construction, gaskets to racing shoes , life protection to boats . Any where light weight strength really matters, Kevlar delivers power to performance.

This is a carbon fiber which is woven by a few select companies in the world. Kevlar has ballistic properties that can resists penetration by a projectile fired from a small arm. It can also resist fragments produced by explosion by grenades, artillery shells or improvised explosive devices (IED). Ability to resist a projectile depends on number of layers, type of weave, thickness and type of yarn etc. It also provides protection against attacks by sharp metallic objects like daggers ect.

Basically Kevlar has following main uses :
  • Bullet proof Jackets and similar protective gear.
  • Bomb Blankets and such defensive equipment.
  • Protective Shields for low flying Helicopters from ground fire.
  • Specialized equipment like flying Helmets, Anti mine shoes.
  • Used as floor board for bullet proof vehicles to provide protection against explosions.
  • Used for bullet proofing of vehicles.
  • To make composites by layering Kevlar.
  • Used in fabrication of Parachutes.
  • Miscellaneous civilian uses.

It comes as, woven as also non woven fabric. It is lighter and stronger. It has excellent properties to resist penetration by projectiles as also splinters. It also resists stab attacks by sharp weapons. Spectra has similar applications as Kevlar. However it has great advantage when it is used to make composites since it is very light and composites made with this material are thinner and lighter compared with composites made from other materials. M/S BVM International can make any grades of above materials available in India. There is a very large variety of above materials available in the world depending on type of yarn, weave, weight etc. To make it simpler for customers in India, keeping in mind typical user pattern, M/S BVM International have in stocks variety of materials readily available with them.