It is a simple training device to teach correct aiming to soldiers/police persons, so as to achieve first round hit capability in conditions of bad weather and poor visibility as also in firing at moving targets especially for anti terrorist & counter- insurgency operations during day & night.

  • Use : It can be easily mounted on the barrel of the gun. Can be used on 7.62 SLR, AK 47/56 , 5.56 INSAS and Dragnov rifles.
  • Colour : Matt Black or OG.
  • Construction : Sturdily made of aluminum alloy, it is shock proof, rain proof and water proof It uses a class III A eye safe laser source.
  • Range : Has range of 25 mtr. during day and 100 mtrs during night
  • Battery : Li-on Battery
  • Dimensions / Weight Length : Length 120 mm , weight less that 200 gms
  • Alignment : There is a lockable alignment for adjustment for windage & elevation.