A highly useful item for police forces to cover suspected explosive objects to suppress /contain the effects of explosion, in case the explosion occurs. It is made of two parts, both made from Aramid fabric or filler material or combination of both. One part known as blast containment ring or BCR, surrounds suspected object from of a ring, while the other part known as bomb suppression blanket or(BSB) covers the ring from top and sides as far as possible, depending on size of suspected object. This equipment will ensure reduced effect in case explosion takes place.It can be used as interim measure till bomb squad arrives and defuses the device. The blanket & rings are covered in a water proof material.Ring has Velcro to join ends and blanket has suitable lifting ropes on corners. The equipment can be folded in a shoulder bag and carried. Blankets & ring come in three varieties having protection range of 19 grain fragments with V 50 of 4150mtr/sec to 650 Mtr/sec.This range is divided in three levels as F1,F2 and F3.